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When you think of Cleveland art, past and present, who do you turn to for its stories and its presentations?  Since 1984, you turn to ARTneo, the museum of Northeast Ohio art. Why? Because you know that ARTneo is a hub for local art, presenting diverse exhibition programming, focused on broadening the understanding of regional art and its artists. You know that we do front-line research and collect archival materials, using them to create publications that serve information seekers nationwide. Your contributions have helped make ARTneo the leading museum in promoting the art of the region. We are so grateful to you for helping to create a vibrant organization fulfilling the needs of the over 6,500 visitors we welcomed last year. ARTneo is your museum. We exist to serve you, our region’s artists, and historians. We exist for art-lovers of all ages to enrich their lives through the stories that only the visual arts can tell. Your gift is extremely important because it offers immediate resources that are directed to current programs and opportunities at ARTneo. Your donation is helping to make the history of Northeast Ohio art stronger. Thank you so much for your support!