Recent Acquisitions November 16, 2018-February 15, 2019 Through generous gifts, ARTneo continues to build its collection of the significant art created by Northeast Ohio artists. ARTneo’s permanent collection has become an important resource for those interested in regional art. The exhibition features works by Richard Andres, Tom Balbo, Ruth Bercaw, Timothy Callaghan, Eileen Dorsey, Andy Dreamingwolf, Mary Lou Ferbert, Derek Hess, Andrea Joki, Douglas Lucak, Ken Nevadomi, Jenniffer Omaitz, Samuel Popkins, Penny Rakoff, P. J. Rogers, August Satra, Audra Skuodas, John Sokol, Kenneth Wood, Sandor Vago, and many more. The exhibition will be augmented in January by selections from our permanent collection that will be on display in the Ramp Level of 78th Street Studios.