In partnership with the Canton Museum of Art, ARTneo presents Continuum: Art of the Cleveland School and Beyond. In the 1920’s, Cleveland’s position as the center for American watercolor painting and its strong connection with commercial and fine art ceramics helped to define what is commonly known as the “Cleveland School” of artists. The watercolorists and ceramists of Northeast Ohio have achieved an enviable reputation; making Cleveland one of the leading cities supporting the arts in America. The newer generations of artists continue to build on the traditions of their predecessors, often through direct contact between teacher and student. Continuum focuses on the newer generation of artists, from 1960 on, who have continued in the path of their predecessors. Works by watercolor artists and ceramists from the Cleveland School and Northeast Ohio will be on display. Artists featured include David Batz, Judith Brandon, Mary Lou Ferbert, Claude Conover, Moses Pearl, Angelica Pozo, Richard Sedlon, and more.